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Investment Criteria
A time tested approach towards investing


  • Growth industry
  • Lack of dominant competitors or customers
  • Limited landscape risk (including technology obsolescence, regulatory risk, legal risk, environmental risk, major cyclicality, fads/trendy)
  • Low operational complexity
  • Profitable, not in decline, and attractive to lenders


  • Growth potential via organic sales growth, geographic expansion, product/service extension and follow-on acquisitions
  • Strong middle-management willing to remain
  • Motivated seller for non-business reasons
  • Long product/service life cycles, not subject to rapid technological change or obsolesce or requiring substantial additional R&D
  • Product/service differentiation exists or can be created
  • Stable contractual relationships
  • Reasonable valuation


  • Predictable, stable, and recurring revenue
  • History of profitability, currently generating $1-5 million of EBITDA
  • Strong EBITDA margins
  • Low to moderate capital intensity, creating the ability to generate high returns on tangible capital
  • Cash flow and assets sufficient to attract and service proposed capital structure